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Step 2 - Choose a Topic

Key Points
  1. Choose a topic that you find interesting.
  2. Use personal and online resources to brainstorm.
  3. Know how to broaden or narrow your topic as necessary.

Student looking at multimediaAs a student at Fresno State, you will be doing research for many papers, group reports and speeches. Sometimes your instructor will provide you with the topic, but other times you will choose your own. Choosing a workable topic is a very important step in the research process.

Why? If you choose a topic that is too narrow or too specific, you may not find enough documentation (books, articles, web sites) for your research. But if your topic is too broad, you will find too many resources and will have a difficult time sorting through and evaluating what you find.

There are many techniques for choosing, exploring, brainstorming and focusing on a topic that will help you work through this step.