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Step 2C

Exploring a Topic Using Library Resources

Once you have a general topic in mind, you can use some library sources to start exploring and finding related topics.

The Library Catalog

Search your topic in the catalog and use the cloud tag to find related subjects that are narrower and broader. This is a quick and easy way to brainstorm on your topic.

Library catalog search results for

Academic Search Premier

This is a basic multi-disciplinary article database that can also be used for topic brainstorming.

Database search results page for


Oxford Reference Online Premium

This is a wonderful resource that you must sign into with your campus username and password. Once in, you can find definitions and how your topic fits into different disciplines.

Results page for Oxford



This is a good place to start with the warning that Wikipedia is a work in progress and can be edited by anyone. So be careful with the information you find! We will get into more details about this when we talk about evaluating information in later steps.

Entry for