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Step 9 - Find Additional Sources/Revise and Rewrite

Key Points
  1. Give yourself enough time to properly complete this step. Do not wait until the last minute
  2. Do multiple edits to your paper. Be your own editor then have another person look it over, if possible.
  3. Use the questions on the checklist to make sure you have completed your research.

Microsft Word revision example

Revising your paper involves more than just finding grammatical errors. It includes adding words, sentences or whole sections to your paper to elaborate or clarify ideas; editing out any unneeded information; even moving ideas around into different sections to find a better flow to your paper.


Give yourself sufficient time

Become your own editor

You cannot rely on just a word processor to find all of the errors.

Editing your paper will strengthen your work because only you know what you are trying to say. It can be difficult to edit your own work, but here is one idea of how to do it.

Read your paper backwards! Turn to the last page of your paper and read the last sentence aloud. Once you have grammatically fixed it, read the second to last sentence, then the third, etc. This separates each sentence from the whole paragraph. Ask yourself questions:

Once you are finished with a whole paragraph, read it out loud to yourself to make sure it flows smoothly.

Get an outside perspective

Let someone else critique your paper for another point of view. They may find any grammatical errors you overlooked. The Writing Center is a great place to find an editor. You can choose face-to-face peer editing or you can submit your paper online.


If any of these points is not checked off after working on your paper you might want to go back to Steps 4, 5, & 6 to retrieve more sources.

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